This is a work in progress.

Another work in progress. Is any art ever really finished? This piece started out as a fairly simple landscape painting of a volcanic eruption, but a cataclysmic story began to emerge as I worked on it. The story is a Lovecraftian, Cthulhu apocalypse with some steampunk elements. Painted in Adobe Photoshop with custom brushes.


[Update 7.10.2011] I widened the shot for more dramatic effect, and to add some foreground detail. Blocked in the foreground element – a hot air balloon with several shocked passengers. I also drew in Lovecraftian tentacles attacking the civilization, and added a placeholder moon in the sky.

[Update 7.12.2011] Uprezzed the image to 30″x16″ at 600dpi to begin detail work. I think this piece is going to make a great print. I changed the tentacles in the midground to green, did some more rough blocking in of the foreground hot air balloon and her passengers, and began to add detail to the mountain face in the bottom right corner.

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