Architectural Viz

These are a few of the many architectural visualizations I did for a custom home builder in Houston Texas about 12 years ago (circa 2000).

Custom Home 01

Gramercy Condos



Each render took about a week to create. I worked off of the blueprints, and everything was done precisely to specs. This is back when I was still kind of new to 3D. As such, while my actual modeling skills were well along, my texturing and lighting still needed work. The top/first image is my favorite. I used a global illumination rendering plug-in called Final Render to get a fairly photo-realistic quality to it. The one thing that I would go back and fix (if I were so inclined to torture myself like that) would be the grass. Too uniform in color. All models were built in 3D Studio Max.

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  1. I have an iPad 2, and the site runs fine on Safari, with the exception of embedded Youtube videos & FBX Quictime movies. I’ve never looked at it on a droid device.

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