Planes of the Head

Cyberpunk - Current Progress
Lately I’ve been on an anatomy training kick. I’ve realized that I’m rushing things, often ignoring or not even noticing blaring anatomy and proportion problems with my work. So I’ve begun to spend a little money and time trying to fix that. I got a new training aid today in the mail. Planes of the Head is a plastic life size human head broken up into the major flat planes. After studying it for a while and loading up my Cyberpunk illustration, I realized I had a lot of problems with it. His nose was broken and flat, the back of his skull was too large, his neck was too thick, and his face was distorted. So, I went in and repainted it all. I really think he’s starting to finally look right. Not 100%, but getting closer.
Cyberpunk - Planes of the Head
Cyberpunk - Planes of the Head

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