Undead Gunslinger • Model Sheet

Undead Gunslinger Model Sheet
Undead Gunslinger Model Sheet

I had a strange desire to model an undead gunslinger this week. I’m a bit of a fan of Shane Hensley’s IP DeadLands, so maybe that’s why? I haven’t started on the Mudbox model yet, but I did spend a few hours drawing the front view of the character in Photoshop tonight. I really enjoyed doing this guy. I used some images from online as reference for the gunbelt, vest, and neck tie. I also used some custom brushes to give the background a nice messy, toned look. Next step: build a base mesh in Maya 2012. I’ll probably be doing that most of the weekend. Well, that and mow my lawn. I’m also buying my kids a kiddie pool this weekend. Might sit outside with them and have a Pina Collada or two.

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