Undead Gunslinger • Base Mesh

I spent the weekend building most of the base mesh of my latest 3D model, Undead Gunslinger, based on the model sheet I drew. I used Maya 2012. I’ve never really used Maya, so it has been a real learning experience. (I’m originally a 3D Studio Max guy.)I have been recording the entire process. As I am able to, I’ll edit all the hours of footage (about 20 hours) down to something more reasonable, add voice over and post it all on Youtube.

Undead Gunslinger Base Mesh
Undead Gunslinger Base Mesh

Undead Gunslinger Base Mesh - Flat Material Colors Added
Undead Gunslinger Base Mesh – Flat Material Colors Added


[Update 7.14.2011] I completed his right “zombie” arm. It was easier than I expected, about an hour of work. I also cleaned up the edge flow on and behind his knees, his shoulders (deltoids), and his elbows so that the model would deform well, and added the heel of his boots.
[Update 7.17.2011] Added most of the detail to the gunbelt; only the holster left to do.
[Update 7.22.2011] Added the bullet holders to the gunbelt and made some minor adjustments to the elbows. Spent a few hours playing around with Maya rendering techniques and came up with a pretty sweet looking style.
[Update 7.20.2011] Spent a few hours learning the Maya rendering tools, and rendered out some nice ambient occlusion images of the mesh.
[Update 7.25.2011] Added the holster, finishing the gun belt. Also added vest buttons and a belt buckle. All that’s left now is the mouth cavity and a pistol.
[Update 7.3.2011] Finished! Added the interior of the mouth, including tongue, gums, and teeth. Ready to Mudbox him.
[Update 8.2.2011] Just a quick ambient occlusion beauty pass render with flat shaded colorized materials.

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