Ableton Push 2 – Unboxing Review

My new Ableton Push 2 just arrived! I’m super excited to begin composing.  Enjoy this unboxing.

**Products Used in This Video**
Ableton Push 2 –
Rode Procaster –
Zoom H1 Digital Recorder –

FTC: This video is not sponsored. All products shown were purchased by me. Some affiliate links are used, which I earn a small commission from. I use this to help support and improve my channel. If you would like to support me, thank you so much; otherwise please feel free to Google anything I mentioned to find where to purchase them.

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Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Unboxing Review

I recently got my hands on this Iwata Airbrush and I was excited to get to work with it.

This is a video of the unboxing, a review of the product, and some basic instructions on mixing and using airbrush paint.


**Products Used in This Video**

Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrush –
Vallejo Airbrush Thinner –
Vallejo Flow Improver –
Vallejo Grey Primer –
Vallejo Model Air Nato Black –
Master Airbrush Quick Release –
Master Airbrush Compressor –
Tamiya Paint Mixers –
Zoom H1 –


FTC: This video is not sponsored.

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Undead Gunslinger – Mixamo Walk Cycle

I had a chance to play with Mixamo’s cloud service, which includes an auto-rigger, and animation clips. I uploaded my Undead Gunslinger base mesh. After only a few short minutes, and what was essentially a push button solution, he lives! Brains! Here’s a short video clip of him on the Mixamo website.

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Creating a Simple Diffuse Lighting Shader in ShaderFX

[Reposted from my AREA blog]


ShaderFXGreetings programs!

I hope you’re all having a great week and looking forward to the weekend. By popular demand, I’ve put together a video tutorial to explain how to build a basic shader with ShaderFX inside MayaLT.

Hey, I’m no math genius, nor did I go to school for programming, but if I can wrap my brain around shader programming, so can you guys. Of course, ShaderFX helps by doing most of the heavy lifting in that department.

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