Think Big, Design Small

[Originally posted on – June 15, 2006]


One of the largest issues in game development is that of scope management, particularly in this day of MAG (multi-action genre) games such as Grand Theft Auto. Game designers have a tendency to think big; more and bigger levels, more features. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact thinking big is critical to the process of developing innovative gameplay and innovative gameplay is the key to being successful as a company.

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Applying Game Theory to Video Game Design ● Part II

[Originally posted on – July 15, 2006]


In Part I, we talked a little about the types of games and how to represent those games on paper, specifically the matrix game in which strategies are laid out for two players in a table. We discussed how a player’s strategies can dominate each other and that dominating strategies should always be chosen over the ones they dominate. And finally, we discussed the concept of the saddle point; the outcome of the most cautious move by both players and therefore the best move for both players to make.

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Applying Game Theory to Video Game Design ● Part I

[Originally Posted on – June 12 2006]


Game Theory is the mathematical theory of conflict and cooperation. It is a study of choices and outcomes, of strategies and payoffs. Mathematicians apply Game Theory to business strategies, wars, global politics and economics; any event that puts two or more ‘players’ into conflict. It is used to predict the payoffs of strategies that a player may take in these ‘games’.

As game designers in the entertainment industry, learning and applying the basic principals and techniques of Game Theory in our daily work will help us build better games.

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Unity 3D Game Development by Example

Unity 3D Game Development by ExampleI had a chance to watch a great video tutorial series over my vacation on Unity game development. While my knowledge of Unity game development is already pretty substantial, I’m always on the lookout for new tricks and educational materials that I can share with my readers to help them get better at it. The tutorial, available at from Packt Publishing, was created by Adam Maxwell, a developer with an extensive triple-A development background including work at Blizzard, Microsoft, Trion Worlds and several other major studios.

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Unity Game Development Video

Those of you who read my blog may know I’m big on education. And my favorite form of education these days is video tutorials. I make alot of these myself at work. I just found a new video tutorial from Packt Publishing on Unity Game Development. You can check it out here:

The author, Adam Maxwell, is an indie developer with a AAA background like myself. He has worked for Blizzard, Activision, and several other large studios throughout his career.

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