CryEngine 3 CookBook

As a veteran game developer, I’ve had the chance to work with a number of game engines, with varying qualities and quantities of tools, but few have impressed me as much as Crytek’s CryEngine 3. Speaking as a developer, as far as I’m concerned, an engine is only as good as its development tools and workflow.

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The Games We Play • Fear Kills Creativity

Or, AAA Publishers, Necessary Evil or Evil Overlords?

To use a Dune quote, “Fear is the mind killer.” Sure, being risk adverse as the big AAA game publishers are keeps them from making too many mistakes, but this fear leads to a lack of innovation in games. This is why 90% of the games we have today are “me too” titles.

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The Games We Play • Me Too!

I decided to start a series of posts that I’ll be calling ‘The Games We Play’. I’m a gamer from way, way back – I’m talking arcade Pac-Man here folks. I was about 7, when it came out, and I’ve played more games than I care to recall since that time. I’m also an ex game developer on both the art and design side. So, I suppose some of you might think my opinion is worth something. For the rest of you, at the very least, these posts will be a good place for you to heckle me.

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