3D Artist, Concept Artist, Sculptor

3D Artist Matthew Doyle resides in Houston, Texas. He has worked in the game industry since the year 2000 as a 3D Artist, Concept Artist, Level Designer, and MMO World Builder. In his career, he has worked for Midway Games LA as a Senior Game Designer, and Mythic Games as the Lead World Designer for Warhammer: Age of Reckonning, but most of his career has been spent working at game company start-ups and indie game studios.

Matthew is a game maker, and is passionate about 3D and 2D art. He enjoys building worlds and making characters that inspire himself and others. Matthew currently works in the Media & Entertainment division of Autodesk. At Autodesk, he is allowed to explore his creativity and enjoys working with some of the most talented and driven developers, researchers, and artists in the business. Helping users learn the tools is a daily part of what Matthew does.

Matthew also enjoys solving problems, as well as learning and passing on the secret, under-utilized tips of Autodesk’s 3D artist tools to better enable users to be more creative. As a major part of his job at Autodesk, Matthew creates both tutorial and marketing videos along with content. He also has a personal Youtube channel and channel, which you can follow above. Matthew provides instruction on these video sites for beginner and veteran 3d artists alike. The topics he covers include everything from concept art to modeling, rigging, animation and shader creation.

On top of all that, Matthew is a devoted husband and father of three, who enjoys sculpting (both digitally and using clay), drawing, and painting, as well as traveling to new places and playing video games of all types.

Matthew also enjoys blogging on various game related topics. You can read Mathew’s blog here.

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