Drom’shar Assassin

This is a work in progress.

Sometimes, you look back at a drawing or painting and realize you don’t like it. You realize you did a terrible job on it. Sometimes it’s three years later. So you spend a few hours working on it again, late at night. And suddenly, you feel that passion for painting return, and it shows in your brush strokes.

I can’t say the piece is finished now, but it is better, and it is getting close to being finished. There are some symmetry issues to be corrected, but otherwise, I’m really liking this piece now. I was going for something dark and scary, but alien when I first did the piece. I think the new version is much closer to what I wanted. I would say you be the judge, but I’m on a new kick as an artist. I don’t really care what “you” think anymore. I paint for my own pleasure now, not for approval. And when I woke up this morning and took another look at this piece on my monitor, I said to myself, “Yeah dude, that’s bad ass.” That’s all the approval I need.

Drom'shar Assassin
Drom’shar Assassin
Drom'shar Progress
Drom’shar Progress

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