UV Tiling in ShaderFX

[Reposted from my AREA blog – Game On]


Recently I was asked how to tile textures inside ShaderFX, so I figured I’d provide a little instruction today for everyone. It’s really very simple, but if you’re new to real time shaders and the tool, you may have no idea how to do it.

We have to consider that we can tile a texture in two directions – U and V – or horizontally and vertically. Just remember that V = vertical.

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Close Combat: First to Fight Environment Art

These 3D environment art screenshots come from the game Close Combat: First to Fight. I was a 3D modeler and texture artist on the project until its release in 2005. Destineer Studios, the developer, was my first job in the game industry. My wife and I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota from Houston, Texas. We had our first son, Deacon, at the end of the project. It was at Destineer that I began my career in level design, which landed me my next job at Mythic as the Lead World Designer on Warhammer: Age of Reckoning.

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